About Us

We are glad to welcome you to an overview of our Church, its faith, life and activities. We hope we may be able to help you. We also hope you enjoy your visit to us. If, having browsed, you would like to contact us, then feel free to use any of the means identified below. If we can help you in any way, it will be a privilege. Our biggest hope and prayer is that, wherever you are, you meet God and get to know Him better. Do visit us again–either On-Line or, if you are in North West Kent, in person.

Why We Are Here

Emmanuel’s Mission Statement… With God’s help we commit ourselves to reach those outside the Church with the life-changing message of Jesus and together to become Christ-like disciples.


To see God worshipped by more and more people because of who He is and the amazing things He has done.

To show and tell people in such a relevant way that God loves them that many freely choose to become followers of Jesus.

To welcome warmly into our congregations anyone and everyone who wants to be part of them.

To encourage and help every Christian who is part of the Church to keep growing closer to God for the rest of their life.

To help each Christian in the Church to discover, develop and use fully the gifts God has given them.

Our Aspirations

To be a Church where hurting, depressed frustrated and confused people can find acceptance, help, forgiveness, guidance and encouragement from God and His people.

To be a Church made up of Congregations that continue to grow numerically because they are full of people who love, learn, laugh and live in harmony together.

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