Preaching Training Course

From time-to-time our Minister leads a course that provides the opportunity for Church Members to explore practically whether they may have the spiritual gifting that would enable them to become a preacher of God’s Word. Those who are deemed to have this gift are then encouraged to use it within the ministry of the Church. This is the only means by which new preachers can join the Preaching Team.

Subjects covered in the training include: The Preacher’s Example, The Place and Purpose of Preaching, Listening to God, Understanding the Text, Applying the Sermon, Stopping and Starting, Consecutive Preaching and Presentation.

There is not currently a Course taking place. Details of any subsequent courses will be posted here, once arrangements have been made.

Important points to note include:

  • This Course is only for Members (of either gender) of Emmanuel Baptist Church.
  • Participants will be required to attend all sessions of the Course.
  • Participants will be expected to undertake the homework studies that are set.
  • At a given point, participants may be invited to preach in a Church worship service, although not necessarily on a Sunday morning to begin with.

At a later time, and having preached a set number of times, the names of participants will be put to the Church Members’ Meeting, where the decision will be taken as to whether or not they are appointed for three years to the Preaching Team.

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