An Apologetics Discussion Group for Thinking Christians

We are hoping to run a discussion group in Christian Apologetics later this year, and which probably will be held on Tuesday evenings.

The group will meet for ten sessions, each of which will be based on a book called “On Guard” by William Lane Craig. Participants will need to purchase both the book and the Study Guide in order to be able to read in advance each week’s designated material, and then contribute to the discussion within the group. These two books cost approximately £17 together.

The topics that will be covered in the sessions are:

  • What is apologetics?
  • What difference does it make if God exists?
  • Why does anything at all exist?
  • Why did the universe begin?
  • Why is the universe fine-tuned for life?
  • Can we be good without God?
  • What about suffering?
  • Who was Jesus?
  • Did Jesus rise from the dead?
  • Is Jesus the only way to God?

If you are keen to take part in the group (and we will probably have to limit the group to about 10 maximum), please send an e-mail to the Church Office in order to register your interest.

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