What We Believe

What we believe is important to us as it influences and directs all aspect of our activity and life together. As a church, we are united around a common set of beliefs, whilst recognising that as individuals our own experiences and background will shape our own personal faith. 

As a Christian community, our core beliefs are summed up in the Evangelical Alliance Statement of faith.

As a Baptist church we hold to the Baptist Declaration of Principle which forms the basis of understanding for all who belong to the Baptist Union.

You can find out more about what baptists believe on the Baptist Union website.

As a church, we are committed to supporting each other to grow in our understanding of what we believe, and to encourage each other so that what we believe impacts our lives.

If you have any questions about the Christian faith or would like to speak to someone about issues of spirituality or faith please contact us or join us at one of our services or events.

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