When you pray

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When you pray Prayer is the universal cry of humankind. It is often a cry of desperation or anger or last resort. Down through the centuries and in every culture,…

Discipleship – it’s a challenge  Luke 6:27-49

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In these verses Jesus says some very challenging things for  those who profess to be Christians. So how seriously do we take the words of Jesus here? Or how readily…

Rejected at Nazareth

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Luke 4:14-30 Rejected at Nazareth So here we are at the beginning of the public ministry of Jesus. In all the gospels Jesus emerges from the wilderness and straight into…

John the Baptist

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John the Baptist Luke 3:1 -20 Well, what a freaky character! Can you imagine saying to your friends, ‘We’ve got this really good speaker talking about God,’ and John turns…