We live in a liberal democracy. It is unlikely that any of us would want to live under any other political system, because we have freedom of speech, thought, religion and behaviour. However, there are difficulties with our system: anything appearing to restrict or question our freedom to do what we want, is considered bad and cannot be tolerated. Any belief that says there is a particular way to live has to be subject to the dominant philosophy or be quiet. This is exemplified in the approach being adopted towards gender fluidity. This ideology rejects the concepts of male and female, hiding behind supposed objectivity. The Catholic Church has questioned this theory of gender and the increasing promotion of the right of individuals – including children – to choose their gender. The problem with this rising theory of gender is that it strikes at the very root of our Christian understanding of family and relationships and undermines the fundamental building blocks of our society. We believe that God created male and female and that gender is not a matter of the mind or choice, divorced from biology. The document is worth reading.