Jesus answered, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No-one comes to the Father except through me.”

In chapters 13-17 of John’s gospel, Jesus teaches, prepares and encourages his disciples, before the coming crisis strikes. The backdrop to this saying is the Passover meal. Some troubling things have been said and then Jesus tells them not to worry because they know the way to where he is going. Thomas points out that they don’t, which is when Jesus says he is the Way. Jesus has asked them to take a huge step by putting their trust in him, just as they would trust God their Father – and he has raised doubts about the future. Thomas and then Phillip asked questions, probably voicing the doubts of others. Recently some high profile Christians have dropped out of following Jesus, saying they don’t believe anymore. Sometimes the problem is that we are afraid of the questions that arise and adopt ‘believism’ rather than faith in Christ that tackles the questions and is tested in the crucible of life. We jump on the band wagon of populist Christian faith, but it doesn’t stand the challenge of life and is not the faith of the Bible. Don’t be afraid of the questions, because God can answer. If you have doubts, talk with a Christian friend you trust and respect

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