Vote Monster Raving Looney Party

Well that caught your attention. Some will be asking if I am being serious and others will be affronted. However, I am being serious – about the first word: VOTE. How you vote is up to you, but it is our civic responsibility to take part in this election. Why?

  1. Like it or not, Baptists have strong political roots. The first British Baptist to be imprisoned and die in prison, did so because he challenged the authority of King James 1 to interfere with the running of church and how people worship.
  2. Christians have always been involved in politics, seeking to create a fairer and more just society. They have been involved across the spectrum from the Christian Welsh steel worker I knew who believed it was immoral to vote Tory, to Franklin Graham who believes attacks on President Trump are demonic.
  3. Christians were involved in the campaign to gain voting rights for all people. One of the reasons people want to come to Britain is because of the political freedom we have and that will only be maintained if we participate.
  4. Jesus was not apolitical. He challenged the religious politics of his time, and riding into Jerusalem being hailed as King was bound to be seen in political terms.

Indifference is no excuse. Voting is your right and responsibility.