A Prayer for the Week

On Monday I go to work, to school, meet with friends and family:

But you God meet with the real me.

On Tuesday I do my share of work at home. Those closest to me see my gumpyness and bad habits:

But you God see and know me as I really am.

On Wednesday I go shopping and others see me as just another shopper:

But you God know what is on my mind as I do the ordinary things.

On Thursday I go on a journey; to others I am just a fellow traveller:

But you God know where my thoughts are wandering.

On Friday I go out, meet with friends, laugh joke and share a meal:

But you God are the friend I can talk with in absolute confidence.

On Saturday I relax at home with the people closest to me:

But you God are closer than a breath.

On Sunday I come to church to begin the new week in worship:

When you look into my heart O God, may you see someone who loves you and wants to follow you.