Christmas is coming

It is the last week of November and next Sunday is the first one in Advent. Have you purchased your Advent calendar yet? It is THE essential item to prepare you for Christmas Day. You can get Cadbury’s, Mars’ M&M’s, Reese’s Pieces and any other form of confectionary calendar you can think of. You can get Lego Friends and Minecraft calendars; Yankee Candle, beauty, gin, whisky and Prosecco calendars. If you are really boring, you can get Advent calendars that actually present the Christian account of the birth of Jesus. If you are going to get the perfect kitchen you are too late, but you might get the perfect sofa. There is still time to get the perfect present, plan the perfect meal, get all you need for the perfect table and Phillip Schofield will tell you how to spend your money well. You may be thinking that I’m just a little cynical about all this! The other side of the picture is that Christmas will be far from perfect for some: loneliness increases and domestic violence rises over the season. We have a gospel to proclaim of greater value than all the spending of Christmas, and reaches into the hearts of the lonely and hurting. On 15th December the churches will be presenting the Christmas story in the town. We have a carol service on 23rd and a celebration on 25th. Be a part of sharing the good news that the Light of the World is here, and the darkness cannot overcome it.