Palm Sunday

BREXIT: an event of stark contrasts and huge misunderstanding. The conflicting statements we get from our politicians lead us to believe no deal will be absolutely fine, because everyone wants to trade with us; or a complete disaster because no-one will want to trade with the UK outside the EU. The only way to solve the problem is to crash out, extend the deadline, stay in or have a referendum. I have reached the stage of ‘Que será, será.’- whatever will be, will be. That may sound fatalistic, but no-one is going to listen to what I think, and I can have no impact whatsoever on the final outcome. The Palm Sunday event was also one of huge contrasts and misunderstanding. At the time, did anyone apart from Jesus really understand what was going on? We look back with hindsight and in the light of Easter, but not everyone agrees with us. There are many interpretations of this event, prominent amongst them is that Jesus made a miscalculation on the political front, and in any case his messianic cause was bound to go the way of the many claimed messiahs who had preceded him: execution. Jesus entered Jerusalem knowing that he was vulnerable and powerless, depending entirely on the Father to be able to fulfil his mission. He entered Jerusalem dependent entirely on the Father for vindication through the resurrection. Not the Saviour the world expected or expects.

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