The Spirit of the Lord

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has appointed me to proclaim good news to the poor.’Luke 4:18

When you read this verse and the ones that follow in Luke’s gospel, do you think they apply to you? Whilst the poor, the prisoners, the blind and oppressed were and are a reality in physical, social and economic terms, this is not the sum total of what is being said. The words were originally spoken to those living in this physical reality; they were also summing up a complete and utter loss for people who were in exile and felt abandoned by God. These words were spoken to people who had lost all hope of a return and restoration. The prophet, and then Jesus in that role says, ‘You have experienced your self-imposed poverty because of your blindness to God. Now is the time of God’s salvation.’ We aren’t exactly in the position of Israel, but as a country the fact that we are drifting without direction, has been driven home this week. As a society we are blinded and captive to an entertainment and consumer culture that says life is just about throwing off restraint and having lots stuff and fun before you die. The gospel of Jesus can bring Good New to all who will hear and receive. Some will hear and harden their hearts to the message; others will believe and be saved. We are the messengers.