Thy Kingdom Come

Thy Kingdom Come 2019 begins on 30th May. This is a global prayer event focussing on praying for family and friends to become followers of Jesus Christ; praying that their lives will be transformed by Him. At Emmanuel we will be coming together in prayer on:

Tuesday 4th June 8:00-9:00pm

Thursday 6th June 8:00-9:00pm

Saturday 8th June 9:00am-Midday

Please put these times aside to come and pray as a church family. On Saturday 6th June, if you can only come for an hour, then come for an hour, or for however long you can stay. In addition there is a prayer guide for the week which will be available from Sunday and on our website – just click on ‘Thy Kingdom Come’. On the official website you will find other information including videos that will encourage and inspire. Go to to see what is available. This is a good opportunity to come together as the body of Christ and also to develop a personal prayer habit, using the prayer guide. In Jesus’ teaching on prayer in Matthew 6 he said “When you pray…” not if. There is an expectation that we will pray individually, but also the prayer that Jesus taught his disciples begins ‘Our Father’. It is a corporate prayer to be prayed by the community together. Let’s come together and develop a habit of prayer

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