22nd March 2020 Russell Braund

Community Focussed: Uncharted Waters

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Hebrews 10:23-25; 6:19-20 We have entered a new and uncertain era in the history of our nation and in the history of the world. This is not being dramatic and it does feel very apocalyptic. Could this be the judgement of God on creatures who have abused his creation and abused each other? Not only…
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15th March 2020 Russell Braund

Community Focussed: Breaking social barriers

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In the novel ‘A Passage to India’ there is a young Indian doctor who is keen to befriend English people and be part of the club. He is warned that it is not truly possible to be a friend to an Englishman and be accepted, because of his race. However, this is something he desires.…
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12th January 2020

A worshipping community – Psalm 122

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The psalm we have read this morning is linked to a series of pilgrim psalms beginning at 120 and ending at 134. I used Psalm 122 not because I am going to talk about it or explain it, but because it expresses the gladness and excitement of travelling with fellow believers to worship and enjoy…
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31st December 2019

Reflection on Luke 2:22

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‘O come O come Emmanuel...’ My favourite carol which expresses the solemnity and enormity of the Incarnation; it expresses the passing of time and the waiting; it looks to the fulfilment of prophecy. Whilst a serious carol with a serious tune, it is not gloomy or morose, because it recounts the hope of Israel and…
18th December 2019

A difficult birth: Luke 2:1-12 

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Well I don’t claim to be an expert on childbirth. I have some limited observational experience and it seems to me to involve a lot of effort and take a long time and is a bit messy. I was very grateful for the clean room and bed into which my children were born, and for…
9th December 2019

Luke 1: 67-56 – Zechariah sings

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So here we have the second carol of the New Testament. Hasn’t been among the popular ones sung at Christmas down through the years, although I do vaguely recall singing a version of this as a choir boy, as I did with Mary’s song. What this carol does is more profound than many of the…

Luke 1: 46-55  My soul magnifies the Lord

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So here we are at the first Sunday in Advent and we’re looking at our first Christmas carol. It’s not conventional, because there are no shepherds or wise men, no camels or other animals and no census or stable. To be honest it doesn’t really pass the test of being a Christmas carol - but…
19th November 2019

Romans 12:1-13 Christ Centred: beyond individualism

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We return to our theme this week: Christ Centred. We only have this week and next week left before we begin our Advent services. Today will be in two parts, with communion in the middle. Our passage from Romans comes towards the end when Paul has put together his argument concerning the grace of God…
11th November 2019

Remembrance Sunday 2019

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Read Isaiah 2:1-5 These verses from Isaiah paint an amazing picture of what the future will be. For the people of Israel this was to be a long way off as they were to pass through judgement, facing invasion, devastation and exile. Whilst these verses from Isaiah 2 are quoted each year at Remembrance, especially…