Look through Luke

This event has already past.

Between now and Easter we will be looking through the gospel of Luke in order to understand more about the ministry and work of Jesus and how that should impact our lives as Christians today.


13th    Preparing the way         Luke 3:1-20

20th    Rejected at Nazareth    Luke 4:14-30

27th    Follow me                     Luke 5:1-11


3rd    Beware of complacency   Luke 6:17-26

10th  All Age

17th  Two expressions of faith   Luke 7:1-10; 36-50

24th  You are my witnesses      Luke 9:1-9


3rd    All Age

10th  Sent by the Holy Spirit    Luke 4:1-13 (1st Sunday in Lent)

17th  Find the narrow door      Luke 13:1-8; 22-35

24th  Graham and Sabine Stockton

31st  Signs of the times          Luke 21:5-28


7th    All Age

14th  Palm Sunday                 Luke 19:28-48

18th Maundy Thursday: Reflective communion service at St. George’s 7:30pm

19th Good Friday: Service at St. George’s 10:00am, followed by a prayer walk to Windmill Hill

21st  Easter Sunday               Luke 24: 1-12

28th  Resurrection appearances