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Whenever the Emmanuel family gathers for worship, they desire to meet, and have an encounter with, God. Each type of service is different, but it is our hope, expectation and prayer that through the different components in the worship, God will be able to break through to everyone present.

Reflective Worship

In this service almost exclusively we sing the great hymns of the Christian church. This Windmill Street-based service begins each Sunday at 9.30am, and lasts about an hour. It always includes a Bible-based sermon and, usually on the third Sunday of each month, Holy Communion.

All-Age Worship

Using mainly contemporary worship songs, our All-Age Worship services cater for children and young people, as well as adults. After the opportunity to participate in the first part, the youngsters head for age-specific group sessions, while the adults engage with a Bible-based sermon (the same as preached at 9.30am), prayers and other relevant worship activities.

Healing Service

Taking place monthly at Windmill Street on the last Sunday of every month at 6.00pm, and lasting around an hour, this Service is usually quiet and reflective, providing the opportunity for personal prayer ministry for those who choose it.

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